Greetings from Umeälven

Here is a greeting from Ume River / Ubmejen jeanoe / Umeälven, Saepmie. From our home in Bearkoen vuemie / Björkvattsdalen, Dearna / Tärnaby:

We belong to the land.

To the mountains, lakes and rivers.
The land and water is the foundation of our lives, as for our forefathers’.

Our Children and future generations depend on us.

We speak Earth / Gulahallat Eatnamiin / Goerkesibie Eatnamisnie

With Sture, Marie and Ailo
Yoik: Sagka and Marie
Film: Oskar at Bautafilm

In the Arctic where the Sámi people live (an Indigenous people in northern Europe) — the temperature has already risen by 1,5 degrees. If we don’t manage to stop global warming and if climate change is allowed to continue, it will have cathastrophic effect on all of us. We are fighting for a future without mining and any more large-scale exploitation and short-term thinking. We are concerned for our children and for future generations.

Please share and feel free to show it at your different meetings. Help us connect Ume River and Dearna to Run for your life and #cop21 #wespeakearth

Marie Persson, Tärnamo





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